Gtech Solution Limited (GTSL) is one of the leading professional solar engineering corporation in Bangladesh. We specialize in the designing and development of the solar generated (photovoltaic or PV) electricity projects. Providing outstanding customer Value is our number 1 priority. The investments we make in our nation’s power infrastructure provide our customers with affordable, reliable and clean energy. We provide affordable, reliable and clean energy solutions country wide. We deliver excellent customer service and serve a wide range of customers across. Our stakeholders rate us as the #1 professional engineering company in Bangladesh.

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Gtech is known for its outstanding performance in renewable energy, project consultancy, agrofarming, construction material supplying and export-import business. 

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Our Projects

240kW Solar Irrigation Pump

2MW Rooftop

500kW On Grid Rooftop

169kWh Microgrid

28kWp On Grid

50kWp Hybrid Solar PP

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