About Us

Welcome To Gtech Solution Ltd.

Our Mission

G-Tech solution strives to Provide state of art, innovative and resourceful expertise in Solar (PV) power engineering in the full life cycle of the project from concept to consultancy, feasibility study, engineering design, EPC and commission of the project ranged from few Kilo Watts (KW) to hundreds Mega Watt (MW).

Our Vision​

Be leader in the generation and delivery of clean energy to building a green nation reducing global warming effect, creating sustainable impact in the society, and improving environment quality.

Our Goal

Our goal is to serve our clients providing international quality services, giving honest advice and installing optimized engineered solar power system in the full life cycle of the project.


  • Exercise Creativity & Pioneering Technology.
  • Excellent Customer Service.
  • Committed to Excellence.
  • Social Responsibility.

Chairman & Managing Director

Honorable Chairman & Managing Director Mr. Mostafa Al Mahmud: 

Mr. Mostafa Al Mahmud, chairperson of the Company has completed his Master’s degree from University of Dhaka. He is resourceful and experienced businessman, especially in the overseas business and international trade. He is associated with business for more than 18 years. He is the Managing Director of Allied Rock Limited and is involved in various sectors such as garments industry, food industry, agro industry, etc.

Mr. Mostafa AL Mahmud played vital role to form the Bangladesh Solar and Renewable Energy Association (BSREA). He is the founder founder General Secretary of the only recognized business association for renewable energy business in the country. Presently, he is bearing the post of Vice President of the Bangladesh Solar and Renewable Energy Association (BSREA). He has been visited more than 30 countries around the world. He has attended numerous types of business seminar, symposium, and trade fair all over
the world.

Director & Chief Technical Officer

Director & Chief Technical Officer, Mustafa Al Momin, is an electrical engineer, graduated from Montana State University, MT, USA. He serves G-Tech as a director and Chief Technical Officer (CTO), where he plans, designs, and leads and maintains overall company projects. He is specialized in designing Mega-Watt (MW) range solar power plants, mini-grids, Nano-grids, smart grids, innovative solar panel mounting structures with axis tracking. He also excels in developing innovative software’s and mobile apps.

In his professional career, he worked in various companies as software engineer, project manager and programmer. He has worked in a New York, Manhattan based Software Company then later at America’s leading solar company named solar city, where he gained real-life experience of constructing MW solar power plants. He specialized on renewable energy, solid state physics, quantitative analyzing on business model, construction management, agile software development, software based business model and Internet of Things. 

In his free time, he reads books on various topic, thinks about innovation, company growth planning, writing proposals and playing video games.

Corporate & Professional Membership

  • Member: The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Guangzhou (APEGA)
  • Member: The Association of Professional Engineers of Yukon (APEY)
  • Member: Chinese Solar Industries Association.
  • Member: Bangladesh Solar and Renewable Energy Association (BSREA)
  • Member: IDCOL Bangladesh
  • Member: Dhaka Chamber